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Davis Daily

Daily Dose of Pookie Goodness

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Welcome to davis_daily, a daily image community for Major Paul Davis of Stargate SG-1!

As is the case with any _daily community, at least one image will be posted per day, but feel free to post for any reason whatsoever--icons, fic, art, discussion, etc., as long as it concerns Major Paul [or Colin Cunningham]! =)

All pairings welcome. All ratings welcome. Please use advisories and lj-cut tags when appropriate. =)

If you wish to post a picture, but you haven't got your own webspace, please email me, and I will be happy to help!

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It has come to my attention that people might be using caps on their websites from communities like the _daily's, without permission, or credit.

These people should know that what they are doing is wrong. At least tell the people whose caps you are using before they go up on your site.

Thank you.